Founded on 27th March 2007, JFJ Productions is a music production company headed by acclaimed Singaporean singer-songwriter/producer JJ Lin.

JFJ, an abbreviation from "Just For Jesus" lends its name from its founder, JJ. As a devout Christian, JJ believes his musical inspiration stems from the giver of life, Jesus Christ, and that the music-making business is his calling in life to strive for excellence through his works.

JFJ endeavours to set trends and at the same time, continue to produce original music, tracks and albums (some of which have contributed to Lin's fame). JFJ aims to retain the core values of music-making tradition, yet putting itself beyond the contraints or rigidities often practised in the Asian music industry, where creativity and production quality is often compromised for many reasons far and wide.

Combining a vast variety of sound and cultural elements, infused with the know-how of modern day music-making technology, JFJ Productions creates works of sound and music that is not bound by limitations of any genre.

Hence, we call this style of music: J-FUSION.

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